Lou Weldon: One Minute and 40 Seconds of Hate

1984 – O’Brien. ‘State Rule’  video  1 minute and 40 seconds

“I chose this tirade by O’Brien in 1984 because I studied this as a teenager during my O level years. This book affected my younger, slightly angry teenage self and seemed to echo my feelings of being suppressed and controlled.

Before being asked by Glenn to contribute, I  confess I had not returned to Orwell over the years (sometimes authors we are made to study at school get shelved !).

Orwell is a master of social observation and I like his head on confrontation of uncomfortable truths and also his integrity. I will now be reading more George Orwell.”

Lou Weldon:  Actor (Attic Theatre), Singer (No Mean Biscuit), Gardener and Whippet Enthusiast. Based in Cwm Cou, West Wales.

Watch Lou’s video here: https://attictheatre.wales/arts-outreach/

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