George Orwell Studies: vol.3, #1


George Orwell Studies:  volume 3, number 1  2018

ISSN 2399-1267

Includes the article; ‘Room 103’: Orwell’s Influence on Contemporary Visual Art -by Glenn Ibbitson.  p70-82

Adapted from a presentation as part of the third George Orwell Studies Conference, held at Goldsmiths, University of London on 30th May, 2018.

The issue is guest edited by Professor Tim Crook, who generously introduces my contribution as follows

Glenn Ibbitson, in presenting to the conference a paper titled ‘Room 103: Orwell’s Influence on Contemporary Visual Art’, argues that so many visual artists identify with Orwell because his work powerfully advances the principle of the freedom of the individual to think independently. Ibbitson curates an online platform ‘Room 103’ where artists engaged in visual media can present work inspired by ‘Orwellian’ themes. And his paper bristles with an Orwellian mischief: ‘Now you may justifiably label me as the artist who put the lie in artistic licence and to that charge I plead guilty, but only to the extent that Orwell himself ascribed fictional, nefarious activities to his room on that same corridor. We all crave a catchy title after all.’

Artists whose contributions to ‘Room 103’ were cited in the presentation are:

Tony Baker,

Paul Steffan Jones

Antoni Garcia Serrat

Kerry Baldry

Mary M. Mazziotti

Paul Salt and Sue Shaw

Alan Pergusey

Nigel Pugh

Liam Ainscough

Garry Barker

Dave Stephens

Dalton Desborough

Emma Saunders

Clare Ferguson Walker

Kath Wilkinson

Saul Hay Gallery, Manchester


The issue also includes contributions by

Tim Crook: Professor Departmentof Media, Communications and Culture at Goldsmiths, University of London

Len Platt: Professor of Modern Literatures, Goldsmiths, University of London

Richard Lance Keeble: Professor of Journalism, University of Lincoln

Douglas Kerr:  Hon. Professor of English, University of Hon Kong; Hon. Research Fellow at Birkbeck College, University of London

Nicola Rossi: Novelist. MA in Digital Media, Goldsmiths, University of London

Darcy Moore: Deputy Principal, Secondary School in New South Wales. Post-graduate teacher education at University of Wollongong

Martin Stollery:  Independent Scholar. ‘Alternative Empires: European Modernist Cinemas and Cultures of Imperialism’ [pub. 2000]

Book reviews by Elinor Taylor, Peter Stansky, John Newsinger, Paul Anderson, Nick Hubble

Grateful thanks to the editors of George Orwell Studies.


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