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Charlotte Ross Painting

In conjunction with Room 103, students from the Art Enterprise degree course at the Leeds City College University Centre, were set the task to produce a visual response to the themes of dystopia, surveillance, identity and dictatorship that lie at the heart of much of Orwell’s writing.

Vincent Courtney

Being the seventieth anniversary of the completion of 1984, where the world of Oceania, Big Brother, Newspeak and the Thought Police seem to have become a virtual reality, the themes that these emerging artists and designers responded to, were informed as much by the world around them as by the original text of Orwell.

Tony Baker; October 2018

Saul Hay: Online Reviews

fb8Tony Baker and Dave and Will Stephens

fb7Kath Wilkinson and Salt+Shaw

Alfred Searl’s review of Room 103 for “Northern Soul”.

Yvonne Goldsmith-Rybka writing for “I love Manchester”

fb5Mary M. Mazziotti

fb3Nigel Pugh and Alan Pergusey

fb2Glenn Ibbitson and Sonia Boué

Video Reel: Room103 @SaulHay

9Emma Saunders: “Follow the Leader”

7Kath Wilkinson: “Do it to Julia”

1Sonia Boué:  “Retreat”

2Sonia Boué:  “The People is Divided”

9aGlenn ibbitson:  “Consignment”

5Kerry Baldry: “Boot”

4Dave and Will Stephens:  “Veil”

The showreel will be running throughout the preview at Saul Hay Gallery, Manchester on Thursday 11th October; 6pm -8.30pm