Sonia Boué: ‘People is Divided’

‘People is Divided’  

‘People is Divided’ is a capture I took of a protest in Barcelona during my Radio 4 trip – a traditional caserolada – banging of pots and pans in political protest, this time in protest against a visit to the city by the King Felipe while Catalan officials were incarcerated. I found it beautiful, energising and very moving. The people let me move among them and capture their actions with real generosity. It felt creative and humane – in contrast to the political repression by the then PM Mariano Rajoy.”


watch the capture at:

[“A visually delightful document of a traditional method of civic protest, captured in limpid black and white. I am drawn to the concept of meeting state repression with domestic kitchenware and utensils. It takes resistance to fundamental and aesthetically expressive basics. After all, there is nothing more expressive of communal humanity than a cooking pot. The clatter of spoon on pan has an inviting, festive sound to it in contrast to many contemporary hate-fuelled protests around the globe.  I think George Orwell, who signed up to a military unit with anarco-syndicalist leanings during the Spanish Civil war, would have appreciated this.”  Glenn Ibbitson]