Mary M. Mazziotti: Needling the Regime


hand-embroidery & pigment on textile
Nicely/32x49Needling the Regime: Nicely/32″ x 49″/hand-embroidery on textile
Poorly/39x28Needling the Regime: Poorly/39″ x 28″/hand-embroidery on textile


Retrib/38x33Needling the Regime: Retribution/38″ x 33″/hand-embroidery on textile
Needling the Regime: Don't WorryNeedling the Regime: Don’t Worry/32″ x 24″/hand-embroidery on textile


Mazz_Four_2017_1Needling the Regime: Two & Two/37″ x 36″/hand-embroidery on textile
Needling the Regime: Speak EnglishNeedling the Regime: Speak English/40″ x 31″/hand-embroidery on textile


Needling the Regime: TortureNeedling the Regime: Torture/33″ x 41″/hand-embroidery on textile


Basking/46x33Needling the Regime: Basking/46″ x 33″/hand-embroidery on textile

Artist statement

“Like so many artists, my work was galvanized by the 2016 “election” in the USA and the inversion of honor, truth and decency in government. Now Lies are Truth and Truth is Fake News.
“Needling the Regime” is my imagining what Official State Sanctioned Art would look like in American Oceania. It primarily combines images from vintage propaganda posters (Soviet, Nazi, Maoist, American) with text from Comrade Trump and his myrmidons, as well as a prescient Orwellian quote. ”
The full series can be seen at

Needling the Regime: NyetNeedling the Regime: Nyet/31″ x 33″/hand-embroidery on textile

Mary M. Mazziotti is an American visual artist whose practice includes hand-embroidery on textiles with a special interest in contemporary memento mori. She exhibited at the O. K. Harris Gallery in NYC until it’s closing in 2014 and is currently represented by Borelli-Edwards Galleries in Pittsburgh.

Ms. Mazziotti has exhibited widely in galleries and museums including The Carnegie Museum of Art, The Andy Warhol Museum, The Mattress Factory, NordArt in Germany and the Emily Harvey Gallery in Venice.

Mary M. Mazziotti

Mazziotti Studio

125 39th St 3-A

Pittsburgh, PA 15201


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