Glenn Ibbitson: Four Orwell Book Cover Designs

Coming up for Air 3

Coming Up For Air:     Five layer screenprint  1/1

1984 2

1984:   six layer screenprint  1/1


Homage to Catalonia:  five layer screenprint  1/1


The Essential Orwell x4:        four layer screenprint  1/1

A suite of unique, one-off screenprints [no limited editions have been created]. These form part of a design proposal for a new series of covers for Orwell’s complete works. They have been based on both the graphic and physical qualities derived from the overlayerings, degradation and tearing/ripping of posters from billboards. Orwell’s finest writing has the graphic power and universal clarity of communication one finds in the best poster art. The figurative element was transferred from three different self-portrait drawings. These were  ‘traced’ onto  transparent acetate sheets using paint. When dry, they were each directly exposed onto separate silk screens using photo-emulsion. Together, they form the only element of the print requiring careful registration.

Liquitex acrylics on Seawhites 300gsm  and Fabriano Artistico papers.   A1 size

The prints were first publicly previewed at PRINTFEST 2017:  Ulverston, Cumbria.

These four prints are now part of a private collection in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I am delighted that they form part of a cultural protest on the front line against the doublespeak currently emanating from the White House…


Glenn Ibbitson: Barcode WS19842017


Barcode Jan2017Barcode: WS19842017

The barcode is the symbol nonpareil of 21st Century commerce. It is projected across the model here to represent the subjection of the individual to societal requirements. When humanity is assigned a particular value like any other product, set by market forces, how much easier it becomes for developed society to satisfy both its economic and sexual requirements. Humanity consumed with no more regard than any other expendable, off the shelf, imported [trafficked] goods.

This work is something of a personal appeal against the constant erosion of self-worth, individualism and dignity in a zero-hour contract society.

The sub-title refers to a certain Winston Smith and the year with which his name is forever associated.

It serves as a warning  that a state in which its citizens as treated as commodity and in which said citizens are willingly bought off  by diversionary, cheap product; -prolefood, risks disaster.

The painting is part of the four venue tour of the New Light Art Prize, opening on November 18th. at Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle, Co. Durham  DL12 8NP

Glenn Ibbitson 1glenn ibbitson cGlenn Ibbitson b

Paul Steffan Jones II


We have killed all the wolves and bears

and replaced them with celebrity and beer

in a land gone to the dogs

mostly owned by the heirs of Hastings

the robber barons

who grew up to become

robber bankers


Strength Through Neurosis

Protest by excessive but

procedurally correct civil obedience

tie up the dictatorship

by wearing it down

my right leg under attack

as we are ruled

by insane bandits

neurosis gets it back for me

TV adverts are pictograms

cameras focussed on chimeras

the non-celebrities

of the ironic caves

of the new neon neolithic

and media chiefs hire their own

Black Sea fleets

to float the audacity

of their latest atrocity


Does Torture Work?

The temperatures of rooms

on the hill of suffering

where they direct their special warfare

at flaps of skin

which may secrete small objects

of coveted knowledge

diverting the flow of water

and electricity

abrogating decency

the way cowards and bullies

have always waged war

in the name of homeland security

insecurity ensues

at room temperature

no creature comfort

in our name

names are learned

in our name

they invoke the other meaning of intelligence

and through unaccountable taxation

we fund this clandestineness


Remote Control


Soviet War Memorial Berlin Treptow Park

Modern methods of oppression

state-sanctioned robbery

via taxation wage restraint

dilution of service

in the name of balancing books

made unbalanced by others

they can kill you with medication

creating neuroses

unleashing a plague of mental illness

removing cultural centres

and industry

from your community

continual deduction

takes the place of

continuous improvement

the loss of earnings

and self-respect

the loss of somewhere to report to

to go to most days

replacing your language

with a barren karaoke


and dead TV

and deader “social” media

the celebrity perverts

and the non-entity perverts

the imperfect inhumanity

that is the order of the day